Monday, October 31, 2011

Here we go!

Halloween, 2011

I like to hike.
I like to backpack.
So why don't I do more of it?

I have cool gear.
I know how to use it.
So why don't I?

Is it inertia or entropy  (fancy names for sloth)?
I think so.

How do you say "Entropy is not your friend?" in Latin?

As I get firmly into middle age, it takes less time to lose physical capabilities and lots longer to get them back.
I have to work harder to do the things I did easily just a few years ago. Or maybe they just seem easier from the present and my comfortable chair.

So we're back to sloth again.
Stupid seven sins.

Give me seven zin(fandel)s instead.
Actually I prefer a nice Merlot. Or an ale.

I took walks almost every day with my mom.

I hiked with my dad when I was a little bigger.

I'm on the end with the big grin. The kid in the middle is my sister.

I backpacked as a teenager with the BEST Cadette troop in the U.S.
I suppose other troops backpacked in the Tetons, but I never heard of any.

Snow in July was a novelty to Michigan girls. Even dirty crunchy snow.

I took a trip in Yosemite a few years ago with a bunch of random strangers.

Another big grin.

I've done some hiking locally (I live in Northern California) and a few more backpacking trips.

I do a lot of hiking in winter, when it is cooler.

About a year ago I got a lovely recumbent trike (I blog about it here). And that sucked time away from hiking.

So this blog is my promise to myself to GET OUTSIDE on MY OWN TWO FEET more often.

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