Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New York Creek Nature Trail

Monday, November 1st

You can read all about the New York Creek Trail here, but why don't I tell you about it instead?

This is a short trail. About 3 miles round trip, stuffed in among housing developments in El Dorado Hills, California.

New York Creek eventually winds northwards, becoming a tributary of the South Fork American River/Folsom Lake (it is hard to tell the difference sometimes). The trail does not go that far.

It is an easy trail, with one section with weird little pointy rock slabs exposed by erosion and many many feet and paws on the trail.

The dog and I went about 2 miles. She is an old dog and I hate to see her limping when she overdoes it. And I hate to see me limping (breaking in new insoles in my hiking shoes).

Obligatory purty pitchers

Unpromising beginning of the trail
That's more like it!
Yes, we do have fall here.
Oak galls, not oranges in an oak

New York Creek

When folks put plastic seasonal wreathes on their doors, this is what they are trying to capture.
Awwww! Maxine has a fan!

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