Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hidden Valley Cutoff: Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park

Tuesday, December 13th

Has it really been almost 10 days? No excuse here, the weather's been wonderful.

Back to Cronan Ranch today, this time through some interesting rock formations and all the way down to the river.

Ranch Road to Down and Up, to East Ridge, to Hidden Valley, to South Fork Trail, and back up the Ranch Road.

Seen today: live critters, dead critters, and status-unknown critters.

Red-tailed Hawk (had a white belly so probably not another buzzard)

Bug. That's all I need to know: Bug. Moving on.

Kind of cool but totally dried out toad. About 4 inches long so maybe a Western Toad.

Mule Deer

Interesting tree

Interesting plant (frost has knocked the very tip over)

Cool rocks along Hidden Valley Cut-Off Trail

Deer tracks
Anyone need three mismatched gloves? Last trip the blue one was the only one there.

It was nice and cool today (35 starting out at 9:30am, about 45 on the way home about 2 hours later) so I'll be back to Cronan Ranch at least one more time (for spring wildflowers).

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