Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Monument Trail, Monroe Ridge Trail: Marshall Gold Discovery SP

Wednesday, January 11th

Went on a hike today with a crowd of Sierra Club Seniors, with a few Foothill hikers mixed in. We took in the sights of the original "there's gold in them thare hills". The gaggle of people in this photo are staring at the river where the original lumbermill was where gold was found in the outflow of the water powering the mill.

The leader of this hike was Sheila. She was informative and entertaining. We got some painless doses of history along the trail.

Saw a grinding rock.

We went up up up up to the monument of James Marshall (there were a group of school kids there also learning).

We crossed this ditch twice on our hike. It was originally dug for goldmining purposes.

Then we went up up up some more along the Monroe Ridge Trail, getting several nice views of Coloma along the way.

Sheila pointed out that Manzinata and Madrone trees always feel cool to the touch.

After this, one guy in our party made a point of checking this fact on every manzanita we saw. "Yep," as he touched the cool bark.

We made our way down off Monroe ridge and ate lunch.

I boiled some water for tea on my homemade catstove. Between the tiny stove and my custom pack, I was probably pretty memorable. I was also the only one in shorts. If the weather's going to act like summer, so am I.

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