Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ranch Road: Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park

Thursday, February 9th

Another sunny un-winter-like day here in Northern California.
The hillsides, which ought to be greening up by now, are not.

However, the star thistle (nasty nasty invasive plant) at least feeds the local finch population.

Another little fellow I saw today is the California Vole, aka California Meadow Mouse (Microtus californicus). I thought at first it was a stray cattail head, but I was nowhere near a swamp.

Then I thought it was dead, but when I crouched down to get a better look, one beady little eye opened up and it moved away a little bit. I think it was sunning itself, since it was about 52 degrees this morning.

I considered lying down on the trail to get a ground-level shot, but a couple of equestriennes were coming up and I didn't feel like spooking the horses by lying down across the trail!

I decided to just take the ranch road today. No side trail excursions, since my main aim today was to go hang on my favorite trees down by the river, and the ranch road is the most direct way there and back.

Once I was comfortably installed in my hammock, I ate a sandwich: almond butter and jalapeno jelly. Oh yeah! On a couple slices of Dave's Killer Bread.

I didn't make tea since I had not replaced the tea bag in my mini cook kit. Oh well.

While loafing I noticed a bird's nest in the branches overhead.

After loafing around for a while longer, I headed back to the car. It was pretty hot, as usual, hiking up out of the river. I even sweated! Oh my!

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