Monday, March 25, 2013

West Ridge Trail: Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park

1/2 hour's drive followed by1/2 hour's hike and I get this.

I love Northern California!

After far too many minutes this morning running around collecting scattered hiking gear, I drove off in the direction of Pilot Hill and Cronan Ranch Park. I've written about it before in this blog.

This time, I decided to climb West Ridge Trail. I had planned to come back on Up and Down Trail, but decided I had been out long enough and my ankles are still not ready for gonzo hiking. So back I went via West Ravine Trail and Cronan Ranch Road Trail.

I spent rather more time than I'd planned, chatting with other park users and trying to take non-blurry flower photos.

I also spent some time staring, slack-jawed, and vast swaths of extremely enthusiastic poison oak.

I'd better wash the bottoms of my shoes with Tecnu.

This is a very popular trailhead for horse-back riding. I saw some setting up when I got there and some more on the trail.

I also saw some mountainbikers arriving when I left (who generally don't frequent this area since there are other areas where horses are not allowed).

It was a lovely day for a hike, some scattered clouds and reaching maybe 60 degrees when I was done.

I'll be visiting this park again: close to my house, good for mild conditioning hikes. I may have even identified a couple more hanging trees (for my hammock, not for people who don't clean up after their animals but that's another rant) on one of the picnic-table-enhanced West Ridge Trail overlooks.

Here's a link to a mercifully short YouTube video from today's hike.
Trail Video

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