Monday, April 1, 2013

Folsom Lake SRA: Pioneer Express and other trails

Monday, April 1st

Usually, I title my post little-big, but today I sort of wandered around on the north shore of Lake Natoma, so we'll just say I was hiking in Folsom Lake State Recreation Area and big-little.

Sadly, due to budget problems, several of the park access points are closed for good. The Nimbus Dam Overlook is one.

However, it is possible to park nearby and walk in. Your choices are the Fish Hatchery, crossing Hazel Blvd at the bottom of the bridge, then walking up the upstream side to the entrance road, just past the end of the bridge. Or you can find some parking in a nearby neighborhood off of Hazel and try that. (This is Hazel Blvd., off of US 50, east of Sacramento).

There is one trash can left up in the parking lot, and this informational sign

By peering through the chainlink fence, you can get a great view down to the Nimbus Dam.

I started today near the bottom left corner of this map. eventually walking quite far up the second green vertical blob, then back along the river's edge.

From the top of the bluffs, you can get views!

and on trails you can see signs of critters:

Deer on the right and my shoe print on the left

It is pretty easy to imagine the area uninhabited.

After winding my way down the bluffs and to river level.

The ghostly smudges are a effect of the sun hitting my lense at an angle. I kind of like it.

A lot of the trails on the bluffs are in shade, like this wide spot coming down from the closed overlook parking lot.

I did another youtube video (linky linky linky here)

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