Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Greenwood Creek Trailhead, South Fork American River/BLM

 I can finally say that I've hiked from all 4 trailheads on this sprawling property: Cronan Ranch, Magnolia Ranch, Skunk Hollow, and today, Greenwood Creek.

Greenwood Creek is mostly a place for kayakers to put in or maybe take out. The parking is free, which is not the case at any of the boat areas in the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. And there is a pit toilet. It is off of Hwy 47 downstream from Lotus.

I had read that there was a 1 mile trail here suitable for families. So a friend and I went exploring.

As we hiked along, the trail eventually became quite familiar-looking. Which made sense when I realized that we had hooked up with the loop trail that starts from the Magnolia Ranch trailhead.

We kept on until we came to a large rock covered with interesting flowers.

 Admired a 3 ft long garter snake (beautiful!), then decided we were tired and turned around. I think we hiked for about an hour total. I'm slowly gaining fitness and my friend has not been doing a lot of hiking lately so this was good for both of us.

The only thing marring the lovely landscape was Scotch Broom - a non-native extremely aggressive weedy blight.

My flower identification book still has not arrived, so here's some more pictures of flowers-that-shall-remain-nameless. Ok ok. Lupin, poppies, some asters lurking about.

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