Monday, April 8, 2013

New York Creek, again

New York Creek, again

I've strolled on this trail before (post here), and today I decided to give the dog a treat and take a very short walk on the trail again.

Bonnie-the-Dog is elderly and has quite a bit of arthritis so she does not come hiking with me any more. We do walk every day around the neighborhood - steep hills but nice flat asphalt. So, a flat dirt trail is a nice change.

Like last week's hike it was pretty muddy since we got more rain yesterday. Not that I'm complaining - I really don't want a summer of severe drought and early fire restrictions.

We had the trail absolutely to ourselves, just some scattered shoe-prints in the mud.

I let the dog tow me along until she stopped pulling so hard, taking that as my cue to turn around.

Now, sitting at home, listening to the wind howl outside (high wind advisory today - gust to 50mph (no, I'm not kidding) possible) I'm glad The Dog and I got out for even a short walk.

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