Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Round Lake and Crooked Lakes Trails to Penner Lake: Grouse Ridge Area, Tahoe National Forest

July 9th

This is an abbreviated version of my longer trip report on Hammock Forums.

My overnight turned into a 6 1/2 mile day hike. That's OK, it was lovely anyway!

View from the climb to Penner
 I started at Carr/Feely trailhead again, taking the same initial route as my last excursion, to Island Lake. I took a break for snacks and water at the campsite I used on that trip. Look at the previous blog post for details of the Island Lake trip.

Lovely Island Lake
The trail from Island Lake to Penner has nice variety: shaded areas, some granite slab areas, and a whole lot of annoying scree used as trail surface.

It is usually easy to find the trail, and when it gets a little unclear, there is probably a stomped down section within eyeshot.

Some of the obscure areas have been delineated by rock edgings on the trail. Also, head for the downed trees that have been sawed apart. Basic stuff.

There is a climb to get to the ridge above Penner. I stopped at every shade-producing tree or rock and looked around. Yeah, that's why I stopped. Totally. Nothing to do with gasping like a fish.

The trail in this section is mostly the horrid scree This is a boot's-eye view of the scree. It averages deck of cards size.

The lake is shrinking!
Really the trail. It is a steep and angled as it looks here.
Do I LOOK like a mountain goat?!
no, no, no, not more scree!
Another shot from under a shady tree
 Anyway, when you've gotten to the top of the annoying climb and can finally see Penner,

don't get sucked into the false trail to the left (nice lunch spot if you don't need water right away), but head straight to the Crooked Lakes Trail sign and down the gully.

Eventually the trail runs right next to Penner's eastern shore.

It came time to set up camp, which I did (later, I tore it down and headed back to the car.) For those of you who don't hammock, this setup's pretty typical.

The brown thing under the tarp is my underquilt, to keep my underside toasty warm.
Random swampy lake on Crooked Lakes Trail

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