Monday, August 12, 2013

Hammock forums' demise?

This is not directly hiking related, but I am mad mad mad.

There is some difference of opinion between the (former) Hammock Forums moderators (who all resigned enmasse today) and the owner of the Hammock Forums site.

This is what I get now when trying to access the site.

This seems to me to be an extreme case of "I'll take my toys and run away."
I hope I'm wrong and the forum is not down for good.

I have no idea how to contact anyone who was planning to come to the Boggs Mountain Hang this October. I take that back. I have a business card from one person. What about the other dozen or so? Wait, I might have an email for one other.

This is the problem with relying on the private message system - no other way to communicate except through the forum.

Well, I'll post a link to my blog on the Facebook page (unofficial but still up) in hopes that local Northern California people can find me.

Boo hoo.


  1. It's back up.

  2. Yes, thank you Ryan. It's amazing how much I miss it. I need to hike more and i-surf less!

  3. It seems there's a bit of conflicting stories happening, but I'm glad it's back. I need to join in the hangs more often than I do.

  4. Just so everybody here knows, I will delete any comment that has links in it. That means you, john patinson