Tuesday, March 11, 2014

West Ridge Trail, Cronan Ranch Regional Park, Pilot Hil, CA

I've lost some weight in the last couple months and I was curious to see how I'd do on the uphill section of West Ridge Trail. Also, I took my dog with me (after several year of not hiking with her) as the canine NSAID she is on has helped her arthritis very much.

We both did fine. With 20 pounds less to haul up the hill, I felt no real need to stop and gasp for air. I did stop for Dog Doody Duty and for some nice landscapes, but I didn't feel the need to stand around extra long. The dog was (I shall anthropomorphize here) disappointed to turn around at the picnic table at the top. No signs of limping so that is good.

It is a bit over a mile and a half round trip to the first table. It is about 300 feet up to the table. Seems like more.

I saw one mountain biker and one runner with a dog. Several other cars were parked at the trailhead when I arrived.

On to the pictures!

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