Monday, April 14, 2014

Hidden Valley Cutoff, Cronan Ranch Regional Park, Pilot Hill, California

Went out with two others of the Four Yoginis to hike Cronan Ranch this morning. (The fourth is an honorary Yogini since she came along last year on another yoga-class-organized hike).

It was nice and cool when we set out, but rather warm galloping up the hills back to the trailhead. Galloping, at least, compared to my usual dawdling pace.

We took the ranch road as far as the kiosk, then turned left onto the Up and Down trail, then staying to the right twice to catch Hidden Valley Cutoff. Eventually, we hooked up again with U&D, to get down to the river proper.

4.1 miles per my Strava app, and a moving pace of a 20 minute mile average - just right!


Lots of flowers today, only one of which I managed to capture: one of the famous Yellow Flowers.

Great views of the green hillsides, some grayed over with invasive thistle plants.

One annoying landscape blight in the distance (taken with my little Canon point and shoot at max zoom) but we soon hiked to where we didn't notice it so much.

Some wildlife signs (turkey, here).

And some more pretty pictures to finish it off.

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