Tuesday, April 8, 2014

West Ridge again, with a pack!

I boogied over to Cronan Ranch Regional Trails park just before dawn, to beat the heat, give the doggo a little trail time, and to see how my homemade backpack carried. It carried well!

I made a version of the G4 pack, shortening the body and removing the bulge on the bottom half of the pack. It is about 38 litres capacity, not including the top collar and the three outside pockets. It holds my stuff nicely, with room for more than one day's food if I so desire.

My baseweight (the pack and contents minus consumables like food, water, and fuel) is a lovely and light 13 pounds. That's half what I used to carry 10 years ago. This will keep me comfortable, warm, and dry down to about 30 degrees F at night. I'm so excited!

I promise I'll get out somewhere other than West Ridge Trail real soon now.

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