Monday, February 2, 2015

West Ridge Trail, Cronan Ranch

Finally, finally got out on my own two feet instead of on three wheels (my recumbent trike).

The Ladies who Yoga persuaded me to go on a short hike (4 miles or so). Which was the perfect length for three ladies who've been off the trails for a while.

I'd also like to apologize for the missing images in older posts - I'm having the same trouble in all four of my blogs and it is darn frustrating!

Anyway - it was about 40 degrees at 8:30 and the perfect temperature (in my opinion) for a short sleeved shirt and a hiking skirt. Yeah, I was cold for a little while, but when I warmed up I didn't have to carry around a discarded fleece. Worth a few minutes of cold fingers.

We there walked and chatted and huffed and puffed a little and admired the views and had a grand time.

Cronan Ranch Road to West Ridge Trail, then West Ravine Trail back to the Ranch Road.

Then to Sierra Rizing for coffee/tea/pastries! Yum!

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