Saturday, March 21, 2015

Effie Yeaw

Thursday, March 19th

I ventured out today to a new (to me) location with a new (to me) meetup group.
CG and I instantly bonded. CG is about my age and is also looking to hike more. We tentatively planned a trip to Monte Vista trailhead in Folsom Lake SRA. She and I live kind of in the same area.

Anyway, the hike was advertised as 3 miles, at about a 3 mph pace. It was not - mostly because the actual leader had car problems so handed it off to someone else. CG and I took off at our own pace, which turned out to be 2.7mph, and cruised around the golf course adjacent to the Effie Yeaw nature center.

It was the perfect hike after last weekend's backpacking trip.

I look forward to more hikes!

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