Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pyramid Creek, Eldorado National Forest


The Hiking Yoginis (our new name for the women from yoga class who hike together) and I went up US50 to Twin Bridges to poke around Pyramid Creek.
(I googled Hiking Yoginis, and without the plural, it is an existing blog. Oh well. Too good to be original.)


You know, I already wrote this blog post, but the Blogger App ate it and won't give it back. Really frustrated.

Anyway, there was one other car in the lot when we got there, and many more when we returned. We only went a little over a mile, but some of us (me!!!) were tired from Monday's 6 mile hike.

Pyramid Creek, as advertised, had many little cataracts to ogle. So we sat and ogled.
And flowers. More ogling.

This hike had the fewest trail ducts I've ever seen. But made up for by little brown signs way up on the trees.

We got up on the granite slabs far enough to get a view of Horsetail Falls, but decided to save that hike for another day.

After our hike, we hogged the only picnic table at the parking lot, ate tasty food, and planned the next hike: Lake Winnemucca from Carson Pass later this month. YAY.
Two of the Yoginis will goof around on the El Dorado trail in the meantime.

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