Monday, June 1, 2015

Twofer post

I took a nice 3 mile recovery hike on Thursday. Yes, the day after the big downhill from Loch Leven Lakes.
It was another hike around Ancil C. Hoffman park with the Turtle Trekkers. This visit, unlike my first hike with this Meetup group, was at a pleasingly brisk pace. The group had a lovely botanical discussion as we swung along the trail.

We also enjoyed watching the swallows along the river.

Then, today, I went on an equally brisk, but twice as long, hike with my yoga buddies along the south shore of Lake Natoma in Folsom.

My hip flexors are tired now, but I'm looking forward to ANOTHER hike in two days, in the Eldorado Nat'l Forest.
I'll either be fit for more hiking at the height of summer or crippled. Time will tell.

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