Monday, August 3, 2015

Meiss Meadows, Lake Tahoe Management Unit


It was a beautiful day to exchange the hot weather in the foothills for warm weather in the mountains.
One of the Hiking Yoginis and I set out about 9am from the Meiss Meadows Trailhead, to climb up and over and down to beautiful Meiss Meadows. We sat in the shade of the Meiss cabins, then up and over back to the car.

I was mightily confused by pretty much everything today, but eventually worked out that we had hiked 6 miles, not 3 miles. So I feel better about sore legs!

This is a partial repeat of a trip (overnight that time) to Showers Lake. I believe I took some of the same pictures then!

I'll add some captions to the pictures.

The Hiking Yoginis (2 of 3) on top of the climb

Whatever it is, it is done blooming but still looks nifty. Top of climb.

Cabin shade in the meadow

Meiss Cabins

These dried out plants rattled away in the breeze like a horror movie soundtrack! On the climb up.


At the Truckee River
Climbing to get the the ridge


I spent a few minutes randomly holding my camera roughly parallel to the ground, with the lens zoomed all the way out, snapping away and seeing what I got. Fun!

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