Monday, August 17, 2015

Woods Lake to Winnemucca Lake to Round Lake and back to Woods

106 in the valley today.

75 when we returned to the car at 1:30. Not bad!

Picture story this time.

Our legs know this was an UP then DOWN hike!
Groupie? Thank you StickPic!
Forest at lower elevation
Actual factual water!
Oooooh, clouds!
Brunch and story time at Lake Winnemucca
Bye, bye, pretty lake!
Yes, again. Sue me.
Mini Lupins!
Round Top
Lunatics climbing Round Top
Round Lake
Ahhh, view!
Red flowers (we are not so good at flowers)
Oh oh! I know! Thistle!
Courtesy of the ice crystals
Twisted Tree. Baby, I was born this way!
Arrrgh! Born or made?
We started at the Winnemucca trailhead, and came out the Round trailhead. So we slogged through the campground back to the car.

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