Monday, August 3, 2015

Meiss Meadows, Lake Tahoe Management Unit


It was a beautiful day to exchange the hot weather in the foothills for warm weather in the mountains.
One of the Hiking Yoginis and I set out about 9am from the Meiss Meadows Trailhead, to climb up and over and down to beautiful Meiss Meadows. We sat in the shade of the Meiss cabins, then up and over back to the car.

I was mightily confused by pretty much everything today, but eventually worked out that we had hiked 6 miles, not 3 miles. So I feel better about sore legs!

This is a partial repeat of a trip (overnight that time) to Showers Lake. I believe I took some of the same pictures then!

I'll add some captions to the pictures.

The Hiking Yoginis (2 of 3) on top of the climb

Whatever it is, it is done blooming but still looks nifty. Top of climb.

Cabin shade in the meadow

Meiss Cabins

These dried out plants rattled away in the breeze like a horror movie soundtrack! On the climb up.


At the Truckee River
Climbing to get the the ridge


I spent a few minutes randomly holding my camera roughly parallel to the ground, with the lens zoomed all the way out, snapping away and seeing what I got. Fun!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lower Lola Montez Lake, Tahoe Nat'l Forest

Lower Lola Montez Lake

Another delightful overnight with a Meetup group.

About 3 miles each way, this trail is part of a popular mountain bike loop. We saw plenty of riders!

We had 5 people and a dog. One hammocker (me), two tenters, and one person (7lb base weight!) with a tarp.

The people and the dog were all entranced by the resident marmot (sorry, no pictures). A big fellow, bold. Loved to tease the dog. The dog, when not cadging food, spent her time either excavating the marmot, or rolling in fish guts. Not my dog, not my circus, and - thankfully, not in my tent!

Speaking of fish, two of the group brought poles and had a good time catch and release fishing.

I had my usual set up of a hammock. Comfy!

I loafed around, reading a book and trying my hand at a new hobby - sketching!

Dwarf Pine

View from underneath my hammock's tarp

One of our group hiked with a walking boot. I'm starting to understand why she wears the things out over and over again. I admire her persistence, hiking with a broken foot with two more upcoming surgeries.

The weather was nice, just under 80 on Saturday, with a low in the mid 40s. A few mosquitoes, but not too many.

We hiked out on Sunday, stepping down down down several sets of railroad tie steps, and a beat up, rock filled gully (beloved of mountain bikers, I'm sure, not so beloved by me). Much of the route to the lakes is on graveled, private roads.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Cascade Falls, Lake Tahoe Basin Mgt Unit

22 June, 2015

A short hike with my yoga pals this morning. Up from Bayview Campground to Cascade Creek and back.

We had planned to hike in the Carson Pass area, but there is a rapidly expanding, fierce wildfire in that area: The Washington Fire. We didn't want to mess with fire and smoke, so decided to head to beautiful Lake Tahoe instead.

That 'cloud' behind the mountains is probably the plume from the fire, visible on our hike out from the falls. We could see it rising up and up in just a few minutes of watching!

Here's a map, with labels to give you an idea of the distance between our hike and the fire. I dropped the scale in the middle of the lake.

The road leading to the trailhead is right across from Inspiration Point. I took a picture.

We stopped playing tourist, and set out on our hike.

The trail starts off flat but soon gets typically Sierra-ish, with rock staircases in abundance.

On our way out, we saw a LOT of people hiking in. One group looked straight off the beach: swimsuits, flipflops, and one case of bare feet. I wonder if she put her shoes on eventually?

We found an easy way to cross the creek, and had another little break. We love our rest stops!

Lots of downed trees.

Despite my best efforts at editing this photo, I still look like I have a giant, drooping mustache. Fiddle!

I had a bit of panting on the way out from the elevation, I guess. So we took more stops! No shade is safe from the Hiking (Resting?) Yoginis!

We were not done with Tahoe, once back to the car, and checked out the parking lot above Vikingsholm, but it was absolutely full. Jam packed to the gills.

So we drove on a ways, found a nice beach, Baldwin Beach, and ate lunch at a nicely located picnic table. I waded in Lake Tahoe for a few seconds. At least as cold as Lake Superior in August!

The End.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pyramid Creek, Eldorado National Forest


The Hiking Yoginis (our new name for the women from yoga class who hike together) and I went up US50 to Twin Bridges to poke around Pyramid Creek.
(I googled Hiking Yoginis, and without the plural, it is an existing blog. Oh well. Too good to be original.)


You know, I already wrote this blog post, but the Blogger App ate it and won't give it back. Really frustrated.

Anyway, there was one other car in the lot when we got there, and many more when we returned. We only went a little over a mile, but some of us (me!!!) were tired from Monday's 6 mile hike.

Pyramid Creek, as advertised, had many little cataracts to ogle. So we sat and ogled.
And flowers. More ogling.

This hike had the fewest trail ducts I've ever seen. But made up for by little brown signs way up on the trees.

We got up on the granite slabs far enough to get a view of Horsetail Falls, but decided to save that hike for another day.

After our hike, we hogged the only picnic table at the parking lot, ate tasty food, and planned the next hike: Lake Winnemucca from Carson Pass later this month. YAY.
Two of the Yoginis will goof around on the El Dorado trail in the meantime.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Twofer post

I took a nice 3 mile recovery hike on Thursday. Yes, the day after the big downhill from Loch Leven Lakes.
It was another hike around Ancil C. Hoffman park with the Turtle Trekkers. This visit, unlike my first hike with this Meetup group, was at a pleasingly brisk pace. The group had a lovely botanical discussion as we swung along the trail.

We also enjoyed watching the swallows along the river.

Then, today, I went on an equally brisk, but twice as long, hike with my yoga buddies along the south shore of Lake Natoma in Folsom.

My hip flexors are tired now, but I'm looking forward to ANOTHER hike in two days, in the Eldorado Nat'l Forest.
I'll either be fit for more hiking at the height of summer or crippled. Time will tell.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Loch Leven Lakes Trail, Middle LL Lake, Tahoe Nat'l Forest

This Meetup organized trip was a 2.8 mile trek up (and I mean UP) to Middle Loch Leven Lake on the Loch Leven Lakes trail.

We took lots of breaks on the way up, as one hiker tended to overheat quickly. I didn't mind the breaks, not at all.

Since I had the chance to take pictures!

There is an easier way into the lakes, via Huysink lake trail, but we opted for the 1000 foot climb over rocks large and small and downed trees.

The group decided to stop at the middle lake, as we'd been hiking for about 2.5 hours and lunch and sitting looked mighty appealing.

I used my hammock set up (of course)

I did very well with food, using a pot cozy (which can also double as an alien-deterring fetching foil fez) and walking out with very little food left over.

My gear list is at the end of this post. I carried 17.5 pounds before food and water.

John, Me, Murray, Laura

Well worth the climb. I'm proud of myself for making it down the next morning (there were times when I was not too sure I would).

G4 - DIY
compacter bag liner
snack bag - DIY
bottle holder - on strap
mesh potty bag
Ursack and 2 liners

MacCat Deluxe tarp
Groundhog stakes, ridgeline, spare line, Dutch clips
Warbonnet Blackbird hammock
hammock sock - DIY
Crowsnest underquilt by Hammock Gear
Shenandoah top quilt by Jacks R Better
Prolite extra small sleep pad
Visqueen - scrap of plastic nearly 40 years old.
Nite Ize lightup zipper pulls

Revelcloud jacket
windshirt - DIY
rain chaps
Packa - combo pack cover and rain jacket (no rain, actually)
Marmot wrist warmers
Navy surplus wool watch cap
Smartwool hikers socks
lycra exercise shorts
midweight longjohns - Ibex wool
spare panties

Clothes (worn in and out)
wicking short sleeved shirt
Mountain Hardwear kilt, Lycra shorts
Inov8 Roclite 295 trail runnners
Injinji toe socks
Dirty Girl gaiters
Tilley w/ DIY bug net on crown
Pearl Izumi arm coolers
Moving Comfort Fiona sports bra
thin glove liners - REI, finger tips cut off. Sun protection for hands.
Black Diamond trekking poles (my Gossamer Gear poles are in for repair)

1st Need filter
Outdoor Research folding bucket
Camelbak Eddy bottle, 25oz
Nalgene soft bottle

Firelite Ti stove, windscreen, paperclip
Esbit tabs - brought 2, used only one
BIC and matches
Pot from esbit kit
bowl cozy - DIY
fire permit
REI plastic soup spoon
Ziploc screwtop plastic bowl

Neutrogena baby sunscreen stick
SPF 20 lip balm
first aid kit
dropper bottle of soap
toilet paper
Wisp tooth brush

map and compass
pocket knife
Petzel E light
potty trowel (snowstake)
cotton bandana
Dutchware plastic utility hook
ID in fabric pouch
Canon point and shoot camera

Food 1lb 9½oz total
2613 calories total
We decided to walk out after breakfast so one sandwich and one bag of Fritos came out along with an uneaten Tanka bar.
2 lunch, 1 bkfst, 1 dinner, 2 snacks

2 Almond butter and jam sandwiches - 450cal
Umpqua oatmeal in ziploc - 273cal
Mary Jane meal - 580cal (2 servings)
2 snack bags of Fritos -160cal each
2 Kind bars - 200cal each
2 Tanka bars - 70cal each